Red Panda

The red panda GSMP consists of 6 regions; CZA, EAZA, JAZA, ZAA, PAAZA, AZA. Each of the regional programmes continues to articulate as a regional component under the broader red panda GSMP.  Each region works independently on their regional population and ensures that that population is genetically, demographically and behaviourally competent. Broad and overarching topics are discussed every 4 months in an online meeting with the regional coordinators. Every 5 years a master planning session is organised to discuss and agree upon the strategy for the coming 5 years.  

ZIMS for red panda studbooks is up-to-date for all regions and based on this the Red Panda GSMP annual report 2023 is drafted and circulated. The convenor got requests from other regions to join the GSMP, this discussion is ongoing. Because of COVID, not all intercontinental transfers, agreed upon during the last master planning session, have been executed. 

The colleagues from Darjeeling Zoo, under guidance of the CZA, released 9 captive born red pandas from the  GSMP population into Singalila NP during the past 4 years. The GSMP support to our conservation partner Red Panda Network has increased in 2023. The support was mainly focussed on the purchase of degraded private land and restoration of purchased land.

In 2023, discussions were started to organise a multi-disciplinary range state country conference with the following parts: conservation workshop, PHVA and a GSMP master planning session.

Janno Weerman – Red Panda GSMP Convenor

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