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Assessor and Programme Developer – ASAP Species Ex situ

Date Posted: 29 June 2022 | 6-month full-time project | Remote | Deadline: 31 July 2022

Based in Singapore, Mandai Nature is looking to hire an assessor and programme developer for a 6-month full-time assignment (flexibility to spread over a longer period) with possibility for extension into a second phase. The successful individual will work closely with the ASAP Ex Situ Working Group core committee with regular discussions and meetings to guide the work.

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Veterinary Officer – ZSL 

Date Posted: 29 June 2022 | Full-Time | London and Whipsnade Zoo, United Kingdom

ZSL is looking for two Veterinary Officers who will report to the Head of Wildlife Health Services and will support the health and welfare of all animals in ZSL collections, predominantly as a clinician working at both zoos.

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Chief Conservation and Science Officer – Texas State Aquarium

Date Posted: 27 June 2022 | Texas, United States 

Texas State Aquarium is looking for a Chief Conservation and Science Officer that will serve as Director of the Texas State Aquarium Institute for Wildlife Conservation.

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Keeper – Dartmoor Zoo

Date Posted: 21 June 2022   |   Full-Time   | Plymouth, United Kingdom

Application deadline: 4 July 2022 

Dartmoor Zoo is looking for a keeper who will take direction from the Curator in carrying out the operations of the mammal, reptile, and avian areas at the zoo. 

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Life Sciences Manager (Carnivores and Ungulates) – Melbourne Zoo

Date Posted: 17 June 2022   |   Full-Time   | Melbourne, Australia 

Melbourne Zoo is hiring a Life Science Manager who will be managing the Carnivores & Ungulates team.

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Marine Species Conservation Coordinator – Global Center for Species Survival at the Indianapolis Zoo

Date Posted: 15 June 2022   | Full-Time|  Indianapolis, United States 

The Indianapolis Zoo is hiring a Marine Species Conservation Coordinator for its Global Center for Species Survival. 

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Veterinarian for the LORO PARQUE Clinic – Loro Parque

Date Posted: 8 June 2022   | Tenerife, Sapin

Loro Parque is hiring a veterinarian for the LORO PARQUE clinic.

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Bird & Animal Training Manager  – Worldwide Zoo Consultants 

Date Posted: 9 May 2022   | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Worldwide Zoo Consultants is looking for a Bird & Animal Training Manager.

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Captive Breeding Manager  – Worldwide Zoo Consultants 

Date Posted: 9 May 2022   | Taif, Saudi Arabia

The Worldwide Zoo Consultants is looking for a Captive Breeding Manager.

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Associate Vice President, Animal Care & Welfare – Dallas Zoo

Date Posted: 7 April 2022 | Texas, United States

Dallas Zoo is looking for an Association Vice President, Animal Care & Welfare, who will play a key and critical role in fulfilling the Zoo’s mission of providing outstanding care and welfare for a rich and diverse collection.

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Vice President of Animal Health & Chief Veterinarian – The Florida Aquarium

Date Posted: 9 March 2022 | Florida, United States

AZA Member The Florida Aquarium is seeking a Vice President of Animal Health & Chief Veterinarian.

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President and CEO – Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Date Posted: 30 March 2022 | Omaha, United State

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is looking for their next President and CEO.

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