WAZA position statement on the Russian Federation government

Posted: 21 March 2022

On 9 March 2022, the WAZA Statement on Ukraine stated its support to the people and zoos and aquariums of Ukraine and strongly condemned this senseless war. Today, WAZA would like to emphasize:

  • Our condemnation of the ongoing brutal incursion of the forces of the Russian Federation government in Ukraine.
  • Our great concerns over the unimaginable consequences for the well-being of Ukrainian people and the animals in Ukrainian zoos and aquariums.
  • Our strong belief in international cooperation for the well-being and the conservation of animals under human care and their wild counterparts.

The escalating and indiscriminate violence demonstrated by the forces of the Russian Federation government, including the attacks on zoos and their staff, damages the capacity of Ukrainian zoos and aquariums to provide the best welfare possible to all animals in their care. These actions are intolerable.

WAZA fully supports the sanctions on the Russian Federation put in place by countries across the world. In the spirit of world peace, WAZA calls on its members to immediately cease partnering with the Russian Federation’s government and to restrict collaboration with Russian members to specific conservation and animal welfare efforts.

WAZA is calling for the Russian Federation’s government to withdraw its forces immediately from Ukraine and bring a peaceful end to this conflict.

For additional information, please write to secretariat@waza.org

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