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WZC, speaking for the animals

Worldwide Zoo Consultants (WZC) is a global leader in the creation, development and management of a wide variety of specialised animal facilities, attractions and projects, from zoological parks, public aquariums, animal sanctuaries, living museums and immersive animal-based educational centres. At WZC, we strive to deliver a world-class experience for our clients by implementing our critical strengths of professionalism, knowledge, creativity and engagement.
WZC was established in 2011 in the UAE solely as a zoological and aquarium operations and management consultancy. Since then, the company has experienced a natural evolution into a multiskilled company serving all areas related to the global zoo and aquarium industry.

We pride ourselves on being a voice for the animals. In our work, we incorporate small details that make significant differences, such as, in the design processes detailing and specifying the size and content of their habitats, during the construction phases ensuring the incorporation of unique features and requirements which replicate their natural needs and lastly giving them the very best care and welfare following best practices during the operations and management phase.
We are a multinational, hardworking team of professionals delivering many zoological services and put the wellbeing of our clients, staff and animals as a priority in our company’s traditions and values. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Email: Tommy Wilken, CEO
Tel: +971 50 346 1329

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