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Wild Immersion : Experiment Nature

Wild Immersion is a French company operating with more than 150 partners all around the world. Our mission is to raise awareness and unite the largest number of people around biodiversity-related issues through the emotions and wonder elicited by our immersive creations.

Through the immersive power of virtual reality (VR), people of all ages are transported into the depths of the ocean or the heart of the Amazon rainforest. This unparalleled encounter not only allows users to authentically interact with wildlife but also fosters a profound understanding of the importance of biodiversity.

In addition to this experience, Wild Immersion is proud to be an expert in the development of augmented reality (AR) adventures. These adventures involve uncovering concealed animals along a designated path, with the creatures coming to life in captivating 3D right before your eyes. This blend of entertainment and education makes it an ideal family activity, fostering both amusement and informative communication.

We also offer other immersive and creative activities centered around biodiversity, tailored to the requests and objectives of our partners.

Our team of producers, editors, business developers, artistic directors, as well as communication managers, shares a genuine commitment to preserving the environment and is convinced that we need new narratives about biodiversity that highlight its inherently positive dimension.

You can explore our 40+ productions in 360° on our dedicated platform.

Website: https://www.wildimmersion.io/en
Email: contact@wildim.com
Tel: +33 641 823 508

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