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Wild Immersion: Experiment Nature

At Wild Immersion, we design immersive experiences to help wildlife parks and aquariums tell their own story and deliver their conservation message to visitors. With over 50 partners globally, we connect visitors to nature through emotion, exploration, and education. Join us on a mission to raise awareness and unite people worldwide through multisensory phygital experiences that create wonder and emotions about biodiversity.

Explore Wildlife through Virtual Reality

Encounter a leopard up close, fly over a herd of elk near the Arctic, or dive into an exploration of vivid coral reefs: with the largest library of 360° wildlife content in the world, we offer a vast array of possibilities when it comes to VR wildlife explorations.

Explore the wild, featuring 200+ animal species worldwide. Beyond entertainment, our VR productions are powerful educational tools, raising awareness about biodiversity threats.

Learn more about our 360° VR films: https://wildimmersion.io/vr-films/

Customized AR Digital Trails

From VR immersion to Augmented Reality (AR) active exploration.

Introducing our AR Quest Digital Trail — a blend of fun and education easily incorporated into the visitor’s journey. Participants engage in mini-games, quizzes, and locate AR animal markers all around your location. Wander, explore, and learn about wildlife in a captivating way.

Explore more about our AR quest experience: https://wildimmersion.io/ar-quest/

Interactive Drawings

Bring your animal creations to life. Discover the creations of young visitors using our Drawings app. Kids color unique animal frameworks, scan their drawings, and witness their vibrant animals come to life on the projection. Flip to the back for key species information, contributing to a collective work portraying a dynamic living environment. An engaging, educational activity for the younger generation to play, learn, and make their mark.

Explore more about Drawings: https://wildimmersion.io/drawings/

Our team of producers, editors, business developers, artistic directors, as well as communication managers, shares a genuine commitment to preserving the environment and is convinced that we need new positive narratives about biodiversity to foster conservation actions and awareness.

Website: https://www.wildimmersion.io/en
Email: contact@wildim.com
Tel: +33 641 823 508

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