Torre Design Consortium, Ltd.

Torre Design Consortium, Ltd is a full service design firm dedicated to developing exhibits of the highest immersive experiences focused on creating advocacy for conservation.

Every Project Plays A Part.

Torre Design Consortium, Ltd is a 42 year old architecture, landscape architecture, graphic and exhibit design firm that has produced wonderful immersive exhibits and facilities throughout the USA, Canada and China. We have completed over $1.5billionUS in projects that have dramatically increased public perception, attraction value and attendance and revenues, all of which has been an effective conduit in creating the much needed advocacy for the global conservation agenda.

Founder Ace Torre has personally led all of the firm’s zoological and aquaria projects with our incredibly talented design team of architects and landscape architects. Our facility knowledge and dedication to detail has allowed us to provide projects of excellence to our clients with construction process being realized with 1% or less in change orders. We promise the same level of dedication and commitment to every client we work for. Preserving wildlife and wildlands is our passion. 

Tel: +01 504 899 2932

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