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The Zoo and Aquarium Division of Tessere has worked on more than 120 projects with over 50 cultural organizations including over 70 projects at 35 AZA-accredited facilities.  We believe in the mission of Zoos & Aquariums and are driven by the same passion for conserving wild animals and wild places through providing transformational experiences with animals and nature.

Our specialized services include architectural design of animal habitats, exhibits, education centers, guest amenities, administration buildings, entry complexes and more, as well as landscape architecture, land use studies, master planning, conservation planning, and strategic planning. The Zoo and Aquarium Division of Tessere brings a team with diverse expertise: innovative thinkers, visionary designers, meticulous cost estimators, bold organizational planners, creative landscape designers, skilled illustrators and even self-proclaimed plant geeks and drone pilots.

With our deep understanding of advancements in animal welfare and wellbeing, visitor behavior, empathy-driven design, and cutting-edge sustainable technologies, we push the boundaries to challenge assumptions and create innovative, progressive, award-winning environments that are sanctuaries for the animals that call them home and inspirational for the people that visit them.  Our planning services are both practical and visionary, aligning purpose with capacity to achieve measurable impact. 

At Tessere, we are committed to being an unparalleled, thoughtful design partner. Through our internationally recognized ECHO initiative, over 500 leaders from nearly all AZA facilities interact with an ongoing conversation about the future of zoos and aquariums infused by experts from all different fields of study: neuroscience, business technology, aviation, security, change design, health care, and much more.  We have hosted more than 60 ECHO Digital virtual discussions with over 175 global zoos and aquariums and annually host ECHO, an in-person conference that has been attended by more than 150 executive leaders from zoos and aquariums across the US, Canada, and Australia.

Website: https://tessere.com/markets/zoo-aquarium/
Email: architects@tessere.com
Wichita +1 316.265.9367  
Kansas City +1 816.444.4200  
Houston +1 281.870.1914

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