Saint Laurent is a French supplier of food, supplements and equipment for wild animals and pets. We offer a wide range of products (frozen food, dry food, vitamins, equipment etc…)

Our motto: Offer the best quality of food and equipment to all wild animals in captivity

  • Emulate Mother Nature with the most biologically appropriate food to improve animal welfare
  • Address all animals’ needs with a single supplier (frozen food, dry food, vitamins, equipment etc…)
  • Strive to keep a pro-active partnership with our clients, to create or source new products based on their feedback

Since 1946, back when our President’s father started delivering raw meat for big cats, Saint Laurent has always kept animal nutrition as its core value.

We’ve developed our own brand of dry food since 2013, formulated by our agronomist and tested in collaboration with fellow zoo clients. With now more than 35 Saint Laurent references, not to mention the other brands we distribute, we are able to provide a wide range of dry feeds suitable for many different species.

Be it food, vitamins, supplements, equipment or enrichment toys, Saint Laurent has everything zoo professionals need for their animals’ welfare.

Please have a look at our catalogues here

For any question or information, our team will be happy to help!

Tel: +33 5 49 72 09 20 (ask for Carole)

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