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Quality newer goes out of style : Pangea Rocks have 30 years of experience and has been involved in the design and building of more than 750 Zoo and Aquarium-exhibits worldwide

Pangea Rocks is one of Europe’s largest/ oldest and most experienced rockwork and environment construction companies with a reputation for high standard and attention to detail, Pangea’s work can be seen in many international zoos, aquariums as well as in theme-parks, museums and entertainments centres.

Pangea’s Rocks have a staff of over 25 outstanding designers, artists, and construction technicians with many years of international experience in the field of artificial rockwork and replication of other natural aquatic and land features, who provide a full in-house design-build capacity from conceptualization, architectural planning and management, construction, project realisation, and Specialties Acrylic and mesh installation.

The fact that our previous clients often return for our Expertise with new projects reflects our high standards of quality, naturalistic accuracy and attention to detail.

Pangea Rocks has in the past 3 years been developing the information App for zoos, aquariums and other attractions called that give the attraction a new possibility to interact with their visitor before, under and after their visit, Aratag is a Platform so no need to download individual app for different attractions, the app is based on giving the visitor the information they need when they need it depending on location at the attraction.

Existing Aratag clients gets in average 25 minutes of information video, text, audio speak and pictures out to their visitors using the app.
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Contact us for a free setup test in your attraction, and try it out.

Pangea Rocks is the leading supplier of professional quality artificial corals and kelp for marine and freshwater aquarium in Europe, with more than 500 different items in the catalog.
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Pangea Rocks is deeply committed to creating meaningful, well-designed exhibits with particular attention to animal welfare and curatorial requirements.

Pangea Rocks have 30 years of experience and has been involved in the design and building of more than 750 Zoo, Museum and Aquarium exhibits worldwide. We have Offices in Denmark and Portugal.

Tel: +45 75 22 34 32

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