MAT Filtration Technologies


MAT Filtration Technologies is a company based in İzmir, Turkey, situated along the Aegean Sea, focusing on filtration systems. MAT is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialty water treatment equipment for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) in land-based fish farms, public aquarium Life Support Systems (LSS), MEP equipment for water parks, industrial, municipal applications and complete ozone and UV disinfection solutions.

Since 2012, MAT Filtration Technologies primary aim has been to promote not only equipment development but also improvements based on the needs of animals. MAT supplies aquariums, zoos, animal centers, and fish farms in many countries across almost all continents.

As a company, MAT is dedicated to both environmental preservation and animal welfare. Our focus extends beyond merely producing filtration equipment for businesses; it’s about our commitment to fostering a healthier and cleaner planet. As active members of esteemed welfare and animal protection organizations like EAZA, AZA, WAZA, AALSO, and EUAC, MAT recognizes the importance of making a positive impact. With our skilled engineers and seasoned team specializing in fish, marine species, and sustainability, we are determined to contribute positively to our planet.

The MAT factory, situated in Izmir on the eastern side of Turkey, spans a total area of 7500 m². Our headquarters are located a few kilometers away. With a diverse workforce of over 350 employees spread across different countries including Turkey, Germany, Norway, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Greece, MAT operates on a global scale.

Over the past decade, MAT has undertaken numerous projects, including notable contributions to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, Mazatlan New Aquarium, Poema del Mar, Dubai Mall Penguins, The Land of Legends, and Dubai Safari Park, where our Zoological teams have expertly managed operations. Additionally, our involvement extends to projects such as the Loro Parque Zoo Hippopotamus Exhibit, Legoland Dubai, BioMuseo Aquarium, Michin Aquarium, and various others.

Tel: (+90) 232 234 24 04

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