ELSS Engineering Ltd

ELSS is a Public Aquarium, Oceanarium and Aquatic Animal Habitat specialist company, delivering exhibit and LSS design, consultancy, construction and operation services globally.

The ELSS Group are an extremely talented group of professionals deriving from Mechanical, Electrical, Biological and Aquarium Construction industries.

We have a plethora of experience delivering Aquatic projects globally. With an extensive list of services ranging from Life Support Design, Install, Commissioning, through to complete Turnkey Packages, inclusive of Fish and Animal stocking along with Operations, we have the in-house capability to successfully take any project from initial concept through to the finished article.

Examples of our work and services can be found in virtually in all corners of the globe. We are extremely proud to have served our clients in six of the Earth’s Continents. We truly understand the roles required when working with different nationalities and cultures, and the care required when designing projects for live Animals.

Our team is truly international, and as with our clients, most have been with us from 2005.

ELSS are fully capable and insured to provide the following services:

  1. Aquarium Exhibit/Habitat & LSS Design Consultancy
  2. Aquatic LSS Automation & Control Systems
  3. LSS Equipment Manufacturing & Skid-Mounted Systems
  4. Aquarium Specialist Works Turnkey Packages
  5. Public Aquarium Operations, Maintenance & Auditing

Website: https://www.elssengineering.com/ 
Email: info@elssengineering.com
Tel:+44 (28) 7776 4444

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