Dynasty Marine Associates Inc.

Caribbean tropical fish supplier to the world

Dynasty Marine is based in the Florida Keys, which is the heart of the Caribbean. With such a diverse array of marine life surrounding our islands, we have elected to focus our efforts on collecting and supplying species that are local to our waters. This focus has awarded us with an intimate knowledge of these animals and allows us to supply the most diverse variety and the highest quality Caribbean marine life available in the world. Our company is based on the principles of sustainably and ethically collected marine life in which we have complete control of the animal supply chain. We specifically target and collect each shipment to order so we can manage the resource responsibly.

We are a very proud corporate member of the World Association of Zoos & Aquariums, the Animal Transportation Association, and the European Union of Aquarium Curators. We are also Hazmat certified. We are the world’s leading supplier of Caribbean marine life to public aquariums and high-end wholesale and retail facilities. From the smallest invertebrates to the largest sharks and rays, Dynasty Marine is your sustainable supplier of choice.

Website: http://www.dynastymarine.net/
Email: frank@dynastymarine.net
Tel: +1(305)743-2247

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