dan pearlman Experience Architecture

We build stories.

Experience Architecture made by dan pearlman defines unique spaces and places where individual encounters and experiences are made possible, and curiosity can unfold. Instead of defining architecture by its structure, we prefer to define it through a conscious choice in the sequence of space, light, content, and experience, indoor and outdoor. We believe complex ideas can be intuitively conveyed through experiences for enduring impact. Thus, we define experiential architecture beyond structures, incorporating storytelling and scenography. From inception to completion, we adeptly navigate all project phases. Our work focuses on international projects in the field of zoo and aquarium, park and resort and educational attraction. With our extensive expertise, we pave the way for leisure facilities to succeed in the future.

At dan pearlman, we are convinced that zoos have a future as holistic educational, research, and species conservation institutions, as well as leisure attractions. We understand the challenges faced by modern zoos. We bring together the complex requirements of the animals, the visitors, and the operational management, and sustainably engage visitors of all generations with the work and themes of zoos. “ZooThinking” is our holistic approach to planning future-proof, innovative, and immersive zoos. Therefore, the zoo is viewed as a “living organism” and defined through the interplay of its three equal organs: animal, visitor, and operations.

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Our promise:

We actively assist in shaping change and develop contemporary, innovative strategies that address challenges and fully tap into the potential of your leisure destination.

We plan holistically. Our leisure destinations become living spaces for animals, enriching leisure offerings for visitors, and attractive work environments for employees.

We are experts in experience-driven strategies and concepts. Our interdisciplinary team crafts comprehensive leisure experiences tailored to each destination.

Website: http://www.danpearlman.com
Email: office-ea@danpearlman.com
Tel: +49(0)30 53 601 860

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