China Light Festival B.V.

Spark Your Imagination: China Light Festival, Where Light and Creativity Unite.

China Light Festival B.V., your premier provider of exquisite lantern and light festivals.  

Immerse yourself in stunning displays across zoos, botanical gardens, fairgrounds, and prestigious venues worldwide. 

Partner with us for a seamless lantern festival experience. From design to dismantling, our turn-key services ensure professional and flawless execution every step of the way. 

Our handcrafted lanterns transport you to enchanting realms inspired by nature’s wonders. From lush forest foliage to mesmerizing oceanic fauna, each theme fosters a deeper connection between humanity and the environment.  

Join our partner community in raising awareness for the protection of our planet and its wildlife, as we bring whimsical creatures from fantasy to life. 

Through these successful events, China Light Festival B.V. has delighted millions of visitors worldwide, earning her acclaim and popularity across Europe, including Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, and numerous other countries. 

Tel: +31 107997340

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