Unlock the full potential of every visit replaces your printed maps, tickets and brochures with a guest-facing mobile app that connects every touchpoint in your guest journey. For more than a decade, the SaaS platform has helped world-leading wildlife organisations like San Diego Zoo, London & Whipsnade Zoo and Columbus Zoo and Aquarium reduce their environmental footprint and create new opportunities to delight visitors by embracing self-service technology.

Connect Every Touchpoint
Pre-visit, guests can purchase tickets, explore membership opportunities, find helpful information like opening hours and directions, and plan their day with an interactive day planner that takes into account the ages and interests of group members.

On arrival, guests can scan their mobile ticket to speed through the turnstiles and start to explore your attraction with an interactive map that changes to reflect the ambient light and activities taking place. When it’s time for lunch, they can browse your eateries and order in advance to beat the queues.

The data you need to understand, segment and target guests is more than a convenience tool for guests; it’s a data powerhouse for operators. Our platform captures rich, actionable insights from every interaction. This data helps you understand your guests’ preferences and behaviors, enabling you to tailor your offerings and communications. By leveraging this information, you can enhance guest experiences, drive revenue, and foster loyalty.

  • Send location-based messages to educate guests about your animals and conservation efforts.
  • Share sustainable practices and tips, inspiring guests to contribute to environmental stewardship.
  • Boost memberships and animal adoptions by connecting with guests immediately after a positive visit experience.

Trusted By WAZA Members
“In, we found a vendor who could handle the heavy lifting for us. Their digital platform was ready to go, and the team made sure the setup was smooth, effective and above all, furthered our specific goals for the Zoo.” – Steve Marsicano, Marketing and Content Manager at ZooTampa.

“Our personalisation begins before the guest even enters the park. We have Bluetooth beacons outside our gates, so if you have the mobile app and you come in, we can welcome you to the zoo with a personalised greeting. We’re also looking at the data that we’re getting from the mobile app platform to create targeted messages. If it’s your third time to the zoo, we’ll tell you how much we appreciate you being a member and thank you for coming back again – Now, by better understanding our guests’ behaviour, we can target messages as guests go throughout the zoo to ensure that they have up-to-date information, and the best experience possible.” – Bob Mayes, VP of Technology Services, Columbus Zoo

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