The First Ever Action Indonesia Day

Date: 23/07/2019

Blog by Stuart Young, IUCN SSC Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group Programme Officer

Anoa, banteng and babirusa are ungulate species found in Indonesia, and all are threatened with extinction. These species are also the focus of the Action Indonesia Global Species Management Plans (GSMPs) – an international collaboration working to protect these endangered animals. Over 50 institutions make up this partnership, combining the skills and resources of experts in the zoo community and in situ conservationists to achieve stable and secure populations of these species.

To achieve demographically and genetically healthy ex situ populations of these species, the GSMPs have produced cooperative breeding recommendations, as well as provided training to facilitate the transfer of animals between Indonesian zoos. In situ projects have been supported to protect these species in the wild, for example babirusa surveys on the island of Buru, and community outreach projects on Sulawesi. Awareness raising, and generating interest in the conservation of anoa, banteng and babirusa, is another key role of the GSMPs.

Banteng. Credit: Chester Zoo

To help increase the profile of these little known and underappreciated species, we want you to become involved with the first ever #ActionIndonesia Day. On 18 August, there will be a day of activities and awareness raising – both in zoos and on social media – to champion anoa, banteng and babirusa and their conservation. This initiative is being led by the GSMPs Education Working Group, and is open to anyone. Please get involved, and share your stories using the #ActionIndonesia hashtag! Even if your zoo does not hold these species, this is a great opportunity to link into education about cooperative breeding, or conservation issues in the region.

Downloadable resources for talks and activities about anoa, banteng and babirusa can be found on the Action Indonesia website, as well as ideas about how you can get involved with the day and raise money for their conservation. To find out more, please visit or contact Stu Young, IUCN SSC Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group Programme Officer. 

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