Life Members shall be those who have retired as full-time, paid executives and who have held an executive position within an Institutional or Association Member for a period of no less than ten (10) years. The Council shall have the sole authority to approve individuals to be Life Members.

Life Members must be willing to abide by the WAZA Bylaws and the WAZA Code of Ethics and Animal Welfare. They may attend the General Assembly including administrative sessions but are not entitled to a vote. Life Members may not serve on the Council or Standing Committees but may serve on other committees and working groups.

Life Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Meet and network with leaders from the global zoo and aquarium community
  • Special discount for WAZA Members with partners, if applicable
  • New member announcement in WAZA publications
  • Invitation to Welcome cocktail for new members at the Annual Conference, chaired by the President and the WAZA Council.
  • Receive printed WAZA publications such as WAZA News magazine and annual report at a small fee of 100€ per year to cover the postage and printing cost
  • Receive weekly digital newsletter
  • Join live webinars on various hot topics and elegibility to be a speaker.
  • Discounted price to register for WAZA Annual Conference
  • Option / opportunity to apply to give presentations, conduct sessions, workshops, panels
  • Join non-standing committees or working groups.
  • Be able to apply for keeping International Studbooks and associated recognition.