Together for Animal Welfare

Promoting optimal animal welfare is one of the core responsibilities of all zoos and aquariums (zoos) today. The expression “a rising tide lifts all boats” underscores the core objective of WAZA’s Together for Animal Welfare: Collaborating in our shared commitment to maintaining, improving and actively encouraging optimal animal welfare in zoo-housed animals. Professional animal welfare programmes in zoos today have a holistic cradle-to-grave, 24/7, and whole of life care, promoting optimal and predominantly positive welfare. By professional we mean facilities that practice optimal animal care and welfare programmes, incorporating the latest best practice, based in science and evidence-based approaches, supporting education, research and conservation goals.

WAZA’s Animal Welfare Strategy Caring for Wildlife outlines objectives and principles which can aid WAZA members in their animal welfare efforts. The strategy advocates improving animal welfare and for better collaboration and partnerships between zoos and aquaria to achieve and enhance positive animal welfare. (Caring for Wildlife, Chapter 8, p. 66)

In this context, the opportunity for zoos and aquariums to voluntarily partner with another institution should be promoted.

In order to give zoos and aquariums the opportunity to develop their own processes and protocols when they are engaging in a partnership, currently the WAZA Together for Animal Welfare programme has no set requirements. Institutions can request to partner to enhance certain animal welfare activities, and/or institutions can offer to partner to provide support.

If you want to be part of WAZA’s Together for Animal Welfare programme, please fill in the form below. Once the form has been submitted the WAZA Executive Office will be in touch.

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