WAZA Welcomes New Member – BoldMove Nation

Posted: 16 February 2022

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) is pleased to welcome BoldMove Nation as a new corporate member.

Founded early 2021 and based in Brussels, Belgium, BoldMove Nation’s mission is to create happier worlds by offering all-family memorable and immersive experiences. Applying the most suitable technologies such as augmented, mixed and virtual reality, interactivity or projection techniques, physical environments are enhanced with extra dimensions.

Together with an aligned network of global expert partners, BoldMove Nation focuses on themed and location-based entertainment at leisure, tourist and retail venues. The team combines proven technologies, experience design and integrated storytelling to shape attractions, rides and entire universes. These can range from indoor media-based attractions to smaller themed areas, entire dark rides up to destination experience centres. BoldMove manages the development of attractions from design up to implementation.

BoldMove Nation's AR Hybrid Quest mixed reality approach is a fun and engaging way to discover a venue.

AR Hybrid Quest is a great example of BoldMove’s mixed reality approach with an experience taking place in a dedicated indoor or outdoor area which can be entered via a virtual gate at a physical location. With their own smartphone, players are guided to different stations with virtual assignments to fulfill their mission. Besides an engaging and fun way to discover the venue, AR Hybrid Quest offers a lot of opportunities for social media outreach and loyalty or seasonal programmes, and helps to optimise visitor flows and existing infrastructure.

An example of an AR Hybrid Quest map

Raise the bar and surprise your guests with this new digital dimension at your venue, and beyond.

Learn more on boldmove-nation.com or contact Anja D’Hondt on anja@boldmove-nation.com

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