WAZA Welcomes New Member – Atlantis, Dubai

Posted: 30 August 2021

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) is pleased to welcome Atlantis, Dubai as a new Institutional member, to the global zoo and aquarium community.

Atlantis, Dubai is located on the Island of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Opened in September 2008, Atlantis, Dubai is a huge resort complex which includes two zoological departments: The Lost Chambers Aquarium and Marine Mammal Operations.

Visitors at The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis, Dubai

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is the UAE’s largest open-air aquarium which is home to more than 65,000 marine animals and more than 250 marine species in 21 different exhibits. The aquarium brings the myth of the sunken city of Atlantis to life. Marine Mammal Operations comprises Dolphin Bay and Sea Lion Point, which make up a combined 4.5 hectares.

Atlantis, Dubai is inspired by the ocean and provides immersive experiences to connect people to nature and the ocean. The organisation’s mission is to protect the ocean and its inhabitants by operating responsibly, driving conservation initiatives, and empowering people to act on behalf of nature. It focuses its operations in four key areas: responsible operations, marine conservation & animal welfare, education & awareness and corporate social responsibility.

Ambassador Lagoon at Atlantis, Dubai

“I am pleased to welcome a Middle Eastern institution as a new member to the global zoo and aquarium community. Atlantis, Dubai strives for excellence in all that it does and is committed to being a leader in driving positive change on various levels.” said Dr Martín Zordan, WAZA Chief Executive Officer.

Tim Kelly, Managing Director & Executive Vice President of Atlantis, Dubai, said: “We’re delighted to announce our membership to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and join the global community of modern and progressive organisations that are actively working to protect wildlife globally. Atlantis, Dubai is home to a dedicated expert animal care team, who work around the clock to maintain our high animal welfare standards, deliver world-class education programmes to guests and visitors, and support marine conservation. Achieving WAZA membership further highlights our commitment to sustainability and to doing business in ways that protect both people and planet, through the Atlantis Atlas Project.”

Committed to sustainable development, Atlantis, Dubai has developed the Atlantis Atlas Project. The aim of this programme is to balance the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental – to become a more efficient, effective and responsible organisation. Atlantis, Dubai is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, supporting nature conservation and becoming a socially and environmentally responsible tourism destination. These efforts have been recognised with the awarding of a Silver Benchmarked status from EarthCheck.

In the past year, Atlantis, Dubai’s successful shark and ray breeding and release programme has also supported the release of Arabian carpet sharks back into Arabian Gulf waters, boosting local wild populations. Atlantis, Dubai has also partnered with Zayed University, and founder and director of the UAE Dolphin Project Initiative, to support the Dubai Dolphin Survey 2021-22, a project which aims to gather scientific baseline information about the local dolphin population off the coast of Dubai.

Arabian shark release

Atlantis, Dubai was the first institution in the Middle East to be accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

For more information, visit: atlantis.com/dubai

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