Raising Awareness about Illegal Wildlife Trade Takes to the Skies

Date: 2019/03/15

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has partnered with United Nations (UN) Environment to help raise awareness about the illegal wildlife trade. The unique programme, which was launched on World Wildlife Day on 3 March, provides kids packs to young fliers on Kenyan Airways flights.

Each pack includes comic books that illustrate the implications of the illegal trade in wildlife and raise awareness among children and families on how they can get involved and help to protect endangered species.

“WAZA recognizes that children and young adults can often have the greatest impact when it comes to raising awareness and creating change on global issues,” said Doug Cress, Chief Executive Officer of WAZA. “Illegal wildlife trade threatens the survival of key species now, but also endangers the future of the planet. These kids packs on Kenya Airways offer practical ways that young travellers from all over the world – and their parents – can make a difference.”

Each pack features the WAZA logo alongside those of UN Environment’ Wild for Life and Kenya Airways.

Kenya Airway is one of Africa’s largest air carriers with 3 million passengers per year and serves 53 destinations in 41 countries, including New York, London, Paris, Johannesburg, Cairo, Bangkok, Rome, Mumbai, Geneva, and Dubai.

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