WAZA Welcomes New Member – American Humane

Posted: 9 September 2022

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) is delighted to welcome a new Corporate Member to the global zoo and aquarium community – American Humane.

Located in Washington DC, American Humane is the United States’ first national humane organisation and strives to work towards the safety and welfare of animals. Founded in 1877, the organsiation has adopted and used innovative and science-based programmes to nurture the bonds between humans and animals.

Dr Martín Zordan, WAZA CEO said, ‘we are pleased to have American Humane as one of our new members. I am confident that WAZA’s membership will benefit from the experience and expertise that American Humane brings.’

In 2016 American Humane launched a global certification programme dedicated to the welfare of animals in zoological institutions. Utilising the foundation of science and evidence-based practices, they set a benchmark for verifying the humane treatment of animals in human care worldwide.  This American Humane Certification provides independent reassurance from a reputable and trusted organization that animals are receiving exceptional care.

Dr. Robin Ganzert, President and CEO of American Humane said, ‘We are honored to be a member of WAZA, which is critical to the care and protection of animals and their habitats around the world,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane. “American Humane Certified™ zoos and aquariums are an essential link in our mission to preserve the rich legacy of life on our planet and becoming a WAZA member underscores not only our dedication to conservation and exceptional animal welfare but also our passion for advocating for good zoos and aquariums the world over.’

American Humane is committed to supporting global conservation efforts through their educational initiatives, including school curriculum campaigns, wide-reaching advocacy videos, and an award-winning documentary. 

Visit their website for more details. 

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