The Zoological Lighting Institute

Supporting the sciences of light and life through the arts for animal welfare and wildlife conservation

The Zoological Lighting Institute seeks to advance the work of WAZA facilities in partnership, by adding additional resources and funding streams that support vital research in applied photobiology. Applied photobiology, the sciences that link light to biological and ecological well being, is crucial to engage whether the subject is entertainment, animal welfare or sustainability.

The Zoological Lighting Institute (ZLI)’s primary strategy as a charity is to gather and distribute funding for pure and applied research. The US based nonprofit serves as a tax reallocation vehicle for corporate involvement, a partner for grant applications, as well as a source of equipment loans and research funding distribution. Learn more about ZLI’s Photosciences Programs Here.

ZLI also offers a considerable array of investment opportunities to support this work in mission appropriate fashion. Investment involves purchasing products and services that emphasize animal welfare, wildlife conservation, and science, in ways that speak to audience values and needs., identified by ZLI Campaigns. Learn more about ZLI Campaigns Here.

ZLI’s ZALA Animal Welfare Monitoring Stations© provide the equipment and means to develop research and ensure that it serves risk management purposes. ZALA offerings include independent large scale functional exhibits, as well as equipment packages distributed on permanent loan to our partners. Learn more about ZLI’s ZALA Programs Here.

ZLI’s AWASH© Animal Welfare Oriented Sustainable Design Initiatives offer a unique animal welfare approach to planning, exhibits, and products. These stress planning and design based in the unique qualities of different individuals, species, and habitats, in the nuanced ways that individuals, communities, and institutions appreciate and value. One specific installation offering for WAZA Members, is ZLI’s Megaceta Exhibit in partnership with CREO, which complement a facility’s live animals with responsive simulations of large cetaceans in the field impossible to maintain ex-situ. Learn more about ZLI’s AWASH Programs Here.

ZLI’s PhotoDiversity FilmsLLC creative media services place WAZA aquariums / zoos in audience’s daily lives. Character driven productions are available for facility inclusion, sponsor engagement, audience development, and financial participation. Fronted by two upcoming anime projects in development, ‘The Afterlife of Whales©’ and ‘The Green Year©’, ZLI’s PhotoDiversity FilmsLLC also include services to present research and values on a bespoke basis. Learn more about ZLI’s PhotoDiversity FilmsLLC Creative Media Services Here.

To fund scholarships, grants, and endowments, ZLI also offers pre-packaged fundraising events. These include Natural Light Excursion Therapy Tours, Biking4Birds, Beached Whale Watch Parties, and Bearanoia Ezo Higuma Anti-bullying Baseball Camps. Learn more about ZLI Mission Appropriate Fundraising Events Here.

Tel: +01-212-317-2927 (New York)
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