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We create immersive visitor experiences with media-based rides and attractions through exciting technologies and compelling stories!

Based on 20 years of global theme park expertise, BoldMove and its expert partners craft immersive visitor experiences by combining storytelling, attraction & experience design with multisensory technologies. The team manages the entire installation from design, production and safety procurements up to the final opening. All attractions feature an easy installation and maintenance thanks to a smart and centralized configuration, with a wide choice of upgradable media content.

Ensuring Double Action & Fun, Smash & Reload is an interactive and media-based all-family dark ride that can stand alone or be integrated in an existing building. From their track-based vehicles the visitors play a game across four scenes to achieve a final mission with high scoring. The theming and gameplay can evolve around the fun Marsupilami family, charming animals living in the Palombian exotic forest, or TooMush characters featuring transformed mushrooms by pollution that needs to be saved. 

AR Hybrid Quest is a phygital adventure trail for indoor and outdoor purposes, combining a mix of augmented reality mini games and 360 degree virtual portals to enhance a physical environment and discover the venue. This interactive hunt offers a lot of opportunities for promotional and loyalty programs, optimizing visitor flows and also adding in educational components. An existing IP and gameplay can be applied, or the design team can develop a customized version.

Houba World is a full-fledged indoor family entertainment center (FEC) that can stand alone or be integrated in a park or zoo. It combines a mix of attractions around the Marsupilami characters in a themed environment. Against an impressive decor of a tropical rainforest with riverside and rock formations, media-based and thrill attractions are situated alongside a themed restaurant and vast retail area. Join the Marsupilami for an afternoon of fun with family and friends!

WaterSlider VR is BoldMove’s motion & media-based attraction that combines physical thrills with virtual reality. The WaterSlider VR is based on a life raft that can seat up to four people, including one wheelchair. Guests can enjoy from their life raft through VR goggles a sensational virtual ride into the depth of the ocean, or help the Marsupilami catch piranhas for its kids.

We invite any zoo or aquarium to contact us with their expectations so we can make a customized proposal that perfectly fits each venue and visitor profiles. 



Tel: +32 473 81 55 81

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