Head Keeper, Terrestrial Mammals- Loro Parque

Posted: 27 July 2023| Full-Time | Tenerife


Loro Parque is home to more than 100 terrestrial mammals in an area of 13.5 hectares, in addition to a wide range of animal species, including the largest parrot collection in the world.

The species spectrum of our terrestrial mammal department ranges from a bachelor group of western lowland gorillas to chimpanzees, marmosets, lemurs, jaguars, Royal Bengal tigers, lions, pygmy hippos, anteaters, meerkats, bats, capybaras, some terrestrial reptiles and much more.

We are looking for a dedicated biologist/animal keeper with many years of practice in zoo animal care to head the terrestrial mammal department at Loro Parque.

You can expect an attractive salary as well as a pleasant working environment and a modern zoological garden (2017 & 2018 rated #1 in the world by TripAdvisor users) in the green north of the island of Tenerife.


  • Design, guide and supervise all tasks necessary to meet the demanding husbandry requirements of our livestock.
  • Preparing species-specific occupation plans for behaviour enrichment and monitoring their application
  • Responsible for the department’s safety protocols and their proper application
  • Planning, remodelling and redesigning the animal enclosures
  • Ensuring and monitoring professional animal husbandry (incl. breeding) and hygiene
  • Preparation and control of feeding plans
  • Guidance and supervision of all operational activities in animal care
  • Management, organisation and supervision of all animal transports

In addition to carrying out all the tasks involved in the management of the zoo, the job also includes managing the entire team, currently consisting of 14 zookeepers, including the preparation/supervision of duty and holiday schedules.

qualifications and person specifications

  • Many years of work as a zoo animal keeper in a modern zoo, preferably with several years of experience as a district manager in zoo animal care, or a degree in biology (or veterinary medicine) with many years of practical experience in zootechnics and animal care.
  • Leadership skills and assertiveness
  • Experience and skill in planning and implementing ideas in animal activities
  • High level of resilience, reliability and ability to work in a team as a role model
  • Independence, willingness to work and time flexibility
  • Very good spoken & written Spanish
  • Polite and helpful appearance in public

to apply

Please send your application by 15 August 2023 with a current photo to:


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