Animal Care Supervisor - Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Posted: 30 March 2022   |   Full-Time   | Utah’s Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States  | Application deadline: 30 April 2022


The Animal Care Supervisor directs all personnel involved in the care of the animal collection and reviews, hires and oversees the training of new keeper staff in their zone of supervision. The supervisor ensures compliance with USDA, AZA, state and federal regulations and oversees all of the daily animal management.

At Utah’s Hogle Zoo we look for employees who are passionate about conservation, who approach their daily work with a can-do attitude, who are resourceful, who communicate respectfully with everyone, and who are ready to work hard to support the zoo towards our mission of Creating Champions for Wildlife.



This position reports to the Associate Director of Animal Care.


  1. Performs all job assignments with a positive attitude that reflects Utah’s Hogle Zoo (UHZ) mission.
  2. Works closely with Utah’s Hogle Zoo Animal Care Leadership team to ensure high standards of collection management and institutional animal record keeping.
  3. Leadership role in selection, training, supervision, evaluation, discipline and assignment of staff.
  4. Works along-side staff in areas of oversight including cleaning, feeding, training, and conducting animal programs.
  5. Assists animal management with development and implementation of the Zoo’s Institutional Collection Plan.
  6. Assists Associate Director of Animal Care with animal acquisitions and dispositions, including coordinating and accompanying shipments.
  7. Actively participates in AZA animal programs and related organizations.
  8. Assumes on a rotational assignment the responsibilities and authorities of running the department in the absence of the Associate Director(s) of Animal Care.
  9. Participate in planning processes, including involvement with other departments.
  10. Monitor exhibits, animals, work areas and staff to ensure proper standards are maintained.
  11. Supervise capture and restraint of animals, as related to moves or veterinary practices.
  12. Ensure compliance with USDA, AZA, state and federal regulations; conduct mock inspections.
  13. Coordinate interdepartmental activities as related to area.
  14. Develop, conduct or coordinate keeper projects.
  15. Compiles documents and completes applications as directed.
  16. Commitment to the zoo’s mission.
  17. Performs other duties as assigned.
  18. Maintains strict confidentiality.


Education and Experience

Associate or Bachelor’s degree in zoological science. 

Five years of animal care experience in a zoological setting.

  • Have demonstrated initiative in leading teams to take on new tasks and responsibilities within the department and aiding other departments.
  • Have demonstrated the ability to foster constructive attitudes and positively influence collaboration and teamwork.
  • Have demonstrated high level of problem solving and critical thinking skills and have the ability to lead the same in the team.
  • Possess the characteristics of an Animal Care professional demonstrating competence, professionalism, teamwork, mutual respect and commitment to the mission of the Zoo.
  • Have demonstrated leadership and mentoring to team members in all aspects of the job. This includes communication, time management and leading the team towards achieving the Zoo’s organizational goals.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Required technical skills include the knowledge and ability of:

  • Computer operations and technical software applications.
  • Microsoft Office Suite.

Required mathematical skills include working knowledge of:

  • Basic knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Mathematical concepts and logic.
  • Performs basic mathematical formulas and calculations.

Required animal care skills include working knowledge of:

  • UHZ behavioral husbandry concept, technique and application within first 90 days.
  • Animals’ natural behavior and husbandry practices.
  • Animal welfare standards and UHZ’s methods of assessment.
  • USDA regulations.
  • AZA standards.
  • Basic procedures for safely operating hand tools, vehicles, and equipment.

Must possess excellent communications skills:

  • Interpersonal conflict resolution method.
  • Editing and proofreading.
  • Effectively promote organization.
  • Communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
  • Interacting with courtesy, professionalism and respect to staff, volunteers, and guests.

Must have the ability to:

  • Maintain an organized up-to-date filing database of records.
  • Follow written and verbal instructions.
  • Learn new tasks.
  • Apply critical thinking techniques, analyze and solve problems.
  • Accept and apply constructive feedback.
  • Manage stress to perform the job effectively
  • Prioritize work and manage time effectively
  • Perform within deadlines.
  • Stay focused despite interruptions.
  • Deal with stress caused by deadlines.
  • Work well in a team environment as well as independently.
  • Have a memory for details.


The incumbent must always demonstrate sound judgment, high integrity, and personal values consistent with the values of the Zoo. 

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is a drug-free workplace. All employees are subject to random drug testing. 

Provide a negative TB test prior to hire date and maintain TB testing through course of employment. 

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.  


Incumbent performs in an outdoor environment, exposure to the seasonal elements, dust, and allergens for prolonged periods of time. Tasks require a variety of physical activities, which generally involve muscular strain. Eye, hand, finger dexterity required to perform essential functions. Must be able to listen and respond to a handheld radio. Ability to stoop, bend, twist, turn, climb, jump, run when necessary, and move quickly to avoid dangerous situations. Must be able to walk on wet and uneven surfaces. Must be able to lift 50 lbs. unassisted and 75 lbs. with assistance. Must be able to push and pull up to 53 lbs. A valid driver’s license is required.

Rocky Shores

Pull Force up to 48 lbs.

Push Force up to 53 lbs.

Lift up to 57 lbs

African Savanna

Pull Force up to 25 lbs.

Push Force up to 34 lbs.

Lift force up to 79 lbs.

Asian Highlands/Lions

Pull Force up to 39 lbs.

Push Force up to 46 lbs.


Lift Force up to 18 lbs


  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and other supplemental insurance.   
  • The Zoo is a part of the Utah Retirement System and makes a 10% contribution to an employee’s retirement. This includes an additional opportunity to make contributions to a 401K plan within URS.   
  • Vacation days: New employees accrue up to 13 days annually of vacation time.   
  • Sick days: New employees accrue up to 10 days annually of sick time.
  • Nine paid holidays in the year.
  • Employee Assistance Program for employees and their families paid for by the Zoo.   
  • Employee long-term disability insurance paid for by the Zoo.   
  • Various employee reimbursements and contributions including wellness activities and professional development. 
  • Moving expense reimbursement for qualifying new employees.   
  • Every employee receives a free Zoo Card that allows admission to the employee and up to 5 guests. It also provides free carousel and train rides, as well as free admittance to ZooLights and BooLights.   
  • 50% discount on concessions and 33.3% discount on gift shops items.   
  • Tickets at Work membership, which provides discounts and offers on theme parks, shows, sporting events, and travel.  
  • Awesome coworkers who care about animals and each other!  


Be a part of the Zoo as we build our newest exhibit, Wild Utah! Slated to open in 2023, the exhibit will focus on native Utah species. Join us as we update our master plan with a focus on the renovation of our Small Animal Building, our Elephant Experience, and our Great Ape facilities. Make your contribution to a rich tradition.  

For over 90 years, Utah’s Hogle Zoo has been a loved and trusted part of the community. Located within Salt Lake City proper, the Zoo is nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain range at the mouth of Emigration Canyon. The Zoo spans over 42 acres and is home to a diverse collection of animals. Being only minutes from both a vibrant downtown and national wilderness area, Salt Lake City is a dream for cultural aficionados and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This city has it all from professional sports teams, theater, cultural attractions, universities, nightlife, and many green spaces. From mountain ranges to deserts, Utah is home to five National and 45 State parks. Few places have so much, so close to where you live and work, but we pull it off with style and ease at Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

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