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When it Comes to Zoo Animal Transport , G.K'S Singular Experience is #1


Indeed with its 40-year experience, G.K. Airfreight Service GmbH, the animal transporters headquartered at Frankfurt Airport, is truly unique. G.K.'s highly trained, multi-lingual personnel and its connections to licensed animal transporters worldwide result in perfectly coordinated interaction at all destination airports.


G.K. Air ships zoo animals, pets and also breeding animals worldwide. Having its operations at the Frankfurt Airport hub with connections to all destination airports on all continents provides an inestimable advantage for safe and timely transfers. Using special vehicles, animals can be transported from distant zoos or preserves to the airport or transported directly to an acquiring zoo.


Long-term trust, high quality relations and cooperation extending over the years with zoos and animal parks in Europe and abroad corroborate G.K. Air's success. For G.K. Air, animal transport is primarily a matter of trust. Specialized vehicles and specially-designed animal cages which have been licensed by the International Association of Aircarriers (IATA) assure smooth and effective transportation. An internat-ional network for species-correct animal transportation is essential for the G.K. team. That is why that G.K. Airfreight Service GmbH has been a member of the internationally-acclaimed Animal Transport Association (ATA) for more than 30 years.


Just having shared knowledge regarding the best means for animal transport is an important matter for G.K.Air, so Kay Wissenbach (CEO ) That is why attending training sessions and lectures at congresses and fairs is always part of the company's agenda.


Whether it is the export-, import or transfer of animals, the entire G.K. team works together hand-in-hand. When it comes to large projects, G.K.'s Charter Depart enables a large, timely loading. G.K.'s good, cherished cooperative efforts with the authorities, veterinarians and customers are what significantly distinguishes it from its competitors. Trust, friendliness and competency are company operational cornerstones and set the standards in the animal-friendly, animal airfreight industry.


Competence at all levels, discretion, responsible behavior, close cooperation with governmental offices and veterinarians, reliability extending over 40 years, intensive planning covering everything from A-Z, licensed animal transporters, multi-lingual personnel, worldwide partner network, special vehicles, attractive rates and value for the money, are why G.K. Airfreight Service GmbH excels.



G.K. Airfreight Service GmbH

Cargo City Nord, Bldg 458

D- 60549 Frankfurt - Airport, Germany


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