Houston Toad Recovery Programme

To breed and reintroduce Houston toads into their former range in the USA


The objective of the Houston Toad Recovery Programme is to bolster Houston toad (Bufo houstonensis) populations in suitable habitat to ensure their long-term survival without management. This objective will be achieved by 1) restoring and enhancing suitable toad habitat, 2) reintroducing and/or supplementing populations to achieve connectivity and sustainability, and 3) ensuring protection of the toads and their habitat in perpetuity.


The reason why Houston Zoo got involved in an ex situ capacity was the prolonged drought of the early 21st century in Texas. Biologists were concerned that the toads' fragmented and declining populations would not persist through another significant drought. A captive assurance colony was established to prevent the toad's complete extinction, should a catastrophic loss occur in the wild.


WAZA Conservation Project 11009 is implemented by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Houston Zoo, with support provided by Fort Worth Zoo, Dallas Zoo and San Antonio Zoo. Other stakeholders involved in the project include the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service, Texas State University, Environmental Defence Fund, Texas Forest Service, Agrilife Extension, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Texas A&M University and the US Geological Survey.


Visit www.houstonzoo.org.


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