Clown triggerfish

(Balistoides conspicillum)


Clown triggerfish IUCN NOT EVALUATED (NE)


Facts about this animal

The clown triggerfish is the most striking of the family, with its bright orange snout black body and white spotted body. It reaches a length of about 50 cm.

It is a widespread but not too common fish, which inhabits shallow coral and rocky reefs. Clown triggerfish are relatively shy solitary animals which tend to be territorial. In the wild they are usually difficult to approach.

Name (Scientific) Balistoides conspicillum
Name (English) Clown triggerfish
Name (French) Baliste clown
Name (German) Leopard-Drückerfisch
Name (Spanish) Ballesta payaso
Local names Bahasa Indonesia: Triger kembang
CITES Status Not listed
CMS Status Not listed



Photo Copyright by
Vladimír Motyčka



Range Indo-Pacific and Atlantic oceans
Habitat Coral reefs
Wild population Unknown
Zoo population Considering that most publc aquaria are not part of the WAZA system and do not register their collections with ISIS, available ISIS data are not significant.

In the Zoo

Clown triggerfish


How this animal should be transported

For air transport, Container Note 51 of the IATA Live Animals Regulations should be followed.

Fish must be unpacked carefully and under low illumination.


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Photo Copyright by
Clark Anderson

Why do zoos keep this animal

Clown triggerfish are not an endangered species but their habitats, coral reefs, are threatened in many places. They are thus presented by zoos and aquariums as an ambassador species for reef protection.