Crowned Pigeons

(Goura spp.)


Crowned Pigeons IUCN VULNERABLE (VU)


Facts about this animal

Goura cristata:
The Blue or Common Crowned Pigeon (Goura cristata) is about the size of a small hen turkey, a heavily built ground pigeon with long and stout legs, rounded wings and a medium-length rounded tail. The large crest is erect and laterally compressed and the feathers have long separated barbs so that it looks like a fan. The general coloration is a medium to dark greyish blue, the tail has a paler terminal ban. The upper part of the mantle and most wing coverts are dark purplish red. A white patch on the wing is formed by white, purple-tiped greater coverts.


Goura scheepmakeri:
The Southern or Scheepmaker's Crowned Pigeon (Goura scheepmakeri) is similar to G. cristata, but occurs in two distinct forms:

G.s. scheepmakeri: differs in colour from G. cristata in that the breast and belly are dark purplish red, the mantle and lesser wing coverts are dark greyish blue and the wing patch is greyish-white.

G.s. sclaterii: has a white wing patch, the lesser and medium wing coverts are purplish, and the purple of the breast is turning into grey-blue on the belly.


Goura victoria:
The Victoria Crowned Pigeon (Goura victoria) is very similar to the other Crowned Pigeons, but the barbs at the end of the crest feathers are only slightly separated and spatular-shaped. These dark blue crest feathers are broadly tipped with white. The general coloration is dark greyish blue. The breast is dark purplish red and the wing patch is pale greyish blue.

Did you know?
that crowned pigeons, like all other pigeons and doves, produce a substance known as "crop milk"? Shortly before the chick is due to hatch, the lining of the parent bird's crop sloughs off to form a cheesy material which the parents regurgitate to feed the chick until it is three to ten days old. Crop milk is similar in nutritional content to mammalian milk.


Class AVES
Name (Scientific) Goura spp.
Name (English) Crowned Pigeons
Name (French) Gouras
Name (German) Krontauben
Name (Spanish) Palomas crestadas
Local names Bahasa Indonesia: - Mambruk Ubiaat (Goura cristata) - Mambruk Victoria (Goura victoria) - Mambruk Selatan (Goura scheepmakeri)
CITES Status Appendix II
CMS Status Not listed



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Peter Halasz



Range Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
Habitat Wet lowland forest, swamps
Wild population Goura cristata: approx. 2'500-10'000 Goura scheepmakeri: approx. 10'000-20'000 Goura victoria: approx. 2'500-10'000
Zoo population Goura cristata: 172 reported to ISIS Goura scheepmakeri: 118 reported to ISIS Goura victoria: 232 reported to ISIS

In the Zoo

Crowned Pigeons


How this animal should be transported

For air transport, Container Note 15 of the IATA Live Animals Regulations should be followed.


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Matthew Bietz

Why do zoos keep this animal

The crowned pigeons are the largest and heaviest surviving species of the order Columbiformes, and presenting them to the public is of educational interest. as they are beatiful birds that are readily visible even in large and well planted exhibits, they are also excellent ambassadors for their threatened rainforest habitat.

Wild populations are vulnerable, therefore an International Studbook has been established under the WAZA umbrella a view of building up a self-sustaining zoo population, and coordinated conservation breeding programmes are operated at the regional level by AZA, EAZA and JAZA.