Golden Mantella Frog

(Mantella aurantiaca)




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20-26 mm, uniformly yellow, orange or red coloured, with the exception of red areas on the ventral surface of the hind legs. Active during the day. Eggs are deposited in moist leaf litter outside of water. One clutch consists of 20-60 whitish eggs. They usually are immediately fertilized by a male, although fertilization can occur up to 2 days later and by multiple males. It is common for only part of a clutch of eggs to be fertilized by a male. Embryogenesis lasts 14 days and the tadpoles are flooded into small pools by heavy rain. They develop within about 6 to 8 weeks into froglets measuring 11 mm.

Did you know?
that Mantella is the most prominent genus of Malagasy frogs? They demonstrate remarkable convergences in appearance, habits and colouration with the neotropic poison arrow frogs of the family Dendrobatidae. The impression of a high level of convergence was further confirmed when it could be demonstrated that Mantella are also poisonous and that Mantella laevigata climbs on trees and breeds in tree-holes.


Name (Scientific) Mantella aurantiaca
Name (English) Golden Mantella Frog
Name (French) Mantelle dorée
Name (German) Goldfröschchen
Name (Spanish) Rana dorada
CITES Status Appendix II
CMS Status Not listed



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Range Madagascar
Habitat It is a terrestrial species of primary and secondary rainforest. The occurrence of this species seems correlated with humid Pandanus forest, where it can be found in sun-exposed sites above 900 m. They usually inhabit mossy or grassy mounds of forest debris that border shallow swampy waters.
Wild population They are of the rarest Mantella frogs in the wild (area of occupancy probably less than 10km2 and fragmented). There are only about three small locations on the island where they are found, and they are growing increasingly rare due to habitat destruction. The number of mature individuals might also be declining through over-exploitation. However more people are having success breeding these frogs and it isn't difficult to locate captive-bred golden mantellas for sale today
Zoo population 871 reported to ISIS (2007)

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Golden Mantella Frog


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For air transport, Container Note 45 of the IATA Live Animals Regulations should be followed.


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Photo Copyright by
© Franco Andreone