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Date: 2011/07/18


WAZA celebrates the 200th WAZA-branded conservation project.


Gland, Switzerland, Monday 18 July 2011 (WAZA): since 2003, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has been contributing to global biodiversity conservation through the branding of conservation programmes throughout the world. This summer WAZA celebrates the 200th WAZA-branded project: the Kinabatangan Orang-utan Conservation Programme.


WAZA-branded conservation projects are based on three sets of endorsement criteria (see Appendix 1), focusing on biological, operational, and institutional and partnership issues. Since inception of the scheme in 2003, the number of WAZA-branded projects has steadily increased to currently 208. "The 200th WAZA-branded project helps the survival of elephants and orang- utans in Borneo, an essential contribution of the zoo community", says Dr Gerald Dick, Executive Director of WAZA.

The WAZA brand was awarded to the 200th project - the Kinabatangan orang-utan Conservation Programme. This project is implemented by the French grassroots non-profit organisation HUTAN (www.hutan.org.my), with support provided by numerous zoos from around the world (see Appendix 2). This conservation programme's aim is to develop and implement innovative solutions to conserve orang-utans, elephants and other iconic species in Malaysia.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Enhanced scientific knowledge of orang-utan and elephant ecology and conservation status (current populations and area of viable habitat in Sabah are maintained and connected).
  • 100% of the Sabahan orang-utans and elephants live within protected forests or in secure and sustainably managed forests.
  • Improved policy framework for wildlife management within and outside of protected areas.
  • Reduced level of human-wildlife conflicts (especially elephants and orang-utans).
  • Enhanced community engagement in the conservation of the orang-utan and its habitat.
  • Economic development in Kinabatangan and other key areas is compatible with the conservation of orang-utans and elephants.

The outline of the project is available in an article published in the WAZA News  by Marc Ancrenaz ( HUTAN, Sandakan, Malaysia , Programme Manager) (see Appendix 3). 

Further information on WAZA-branded projects can be found on www.waza.org under "Conservation".


  Orang-utan mother and daughter      

Fig. 1. Orang-utan mother and daughter on Borneo

© Jolirwan bin Takasi

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  Pygmy elephants

Fig. 2. Pygmy elephants endemic to Borneo

© Jamil Sinyor

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