December update on the Thailand flood

Date: 2011/12/01


The latest news on the situation after the flood in Thailand


From Dr Boripat Siriaroonrat (Assistant Director, Bureau of Conservation Research and Education, Bangkok, Thailand) WAZA received the following update on 18 November 2011:

 "Downtown Bangkok is quite ok, but the central plain has been heavily flooded and we have to mobilize teams of vets, keepers and vehicles to help with many cases ranging from a herd of spotted deers, escaped crocodiles and pythons and cobras in households. Your donated equipments will be used and shared among ZPO team as well as Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) team, Kasetsart and Mahidol University Vet School, Zoo and Wildlife Vets Society of Thailand (ZWVST). ZPO will distribute the items among these partners so they got used effectively."


Jo Ring, Veterinary Support Officer of Melbourne Zoo informed on 30 November 2011:

 "Just a final update on our deliveries for flood relief. We have sent 2 separate deliveries on their way. One is coming from ProVet with a supply of drugs and ET tubes. The other is comprised of 3 packages of capture and darting equipment, arriving via Thai Airways on Friday, 2 December 2011".


 Thailand update picture 1

 Anil Bisht (Quarantine Officer) from Singapore Zoo prior to checking in the medical supplies in Changi Airport. © Wildlife Reserves Singapore


Thailand update picture 2


From right to left: Dr Boripat Siriaroonrat (Assistant Director, Bureau of Conservation Research and Education, Bangkok, Thailand), Dr Wisid Wichasilpa (Deputy Director General, ZPO), Mr Pimuk Simaroj (Director General, ZPO), Dr Ali Anwar (Veterinarian, Singapore Zoo), Mr Anil Bisht - (Quarantine Officer, Singapore Zoo), Dr Sumate Kamolnorranath (Director, Bureau of Conservation Research and Education), Dr Wanlaya Tipkantha (Research veterinarian, Bureau of Conservation Research and Education, Bangkok, Thailand)

© Wildlife Reserves Singapore



WAZA thanks Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the Japanese Association for Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA), Melbourne Zoo and the Malaysian Zoos, led by Zoo Negara for their fast and unbureaucratic help!!


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