66th WAZA Annual Conference: a global commitment to species conservation

Date: 2011/10/13


WAZA gathered its members under the theme of “Partnering for Sustainable Zoos and Aquariums”


From 2 to 6 October 2011, over 200 participants from 40 different countries came together to discuss how to intensify partnerships for sustaining viable animal populations. The conference hosted by Prague Zoo, in the beautiful city of Prague, included over 20 high level presentations from experts around the world, addressing the future situation of animal populations, animal welfare and conservation. Additionally the program included workshops and a discussion on the Decade on Biodiversity declared by the United Nations for the period of 2011 to 2020.


"The 66th Annual Conference of WAZA proved to become a landmark for the organisation in terms of international cooperation for the conservation of species. Global cooperative programmes for the management of threatened species were accepted as well as the development of a supporting global project for the Decade on Biodiversity - WAZA members adopted a resolution of endorsement of this UN initiative, it may be remembered as the Prague resolution in the years to come." says Gerald Dick, Executive Director of WAZA.


This WAZA Annual Conference was also the occasion for the association to define its next objectives under 5 mains themes:

  • Involvement of all WAZA members for the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity
  • Commitment of WAZA members to cooperate on the sustainable management of animal populations
  • Improvement of ethical standards for the future
  • Further WAZA membership growth with a focus on Asian countries
  • Improvement of WAZA communication outreach


"I trust WAZA is most aware of its role and responsibility to support CBD in the Decade on biodiversity which is a major challenge for both organizations. I am very confident that our community of member zoos and aquariums will make significant contributions to the Decade in the fields of raising awareness of their visitors and effective conservation measures for threatened species" says newly elected WAZA President Jörg Junhold.



Fig. 1. WAZA members gathered at Prague Zoo




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  • Notes to Editors

    The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) is a global organisation that harmonises the principles, policies, practices and strategy of over 1,300 leading zoos and aquariums.  WAZA is the unifying representative of the global zoo and aquarium community and works in partnership with IUCN, national governments and non-governmental organisations to ensure high standards of animal welfare and to achieve conservation in zoos and aquariums (ex situ) and in nature (in situ).