WAZA Conservation project of the month- June 2012

Date: 2012/06/04


Dugong Emergency Protection Project focuses on strengthening surveillance and law enforcement approaches.


Through recent aerial surveys and population estimates, figures indicate that the area in and around Mozambique's Bazaruto Archipelago National Park (BANP) retains a dugong (Dugong dugon) population of no more than 200 animals; representing the last remaining viable population in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO). The BANP measures 1,430 km², includes five islands and extends across the two administrative districts of Vilankulo and Inhassoro. Combined human populations of the two districts are estimated at 187,000 people. More than 80% of the local population are directly dependent on marine resource harvesting to sustain their livelihoods. As a result of the human induced pressures placed on Bazaruto's dugongs and coastal ecosystems through extractive utilisation and habitat degradation, marine biodiversity and endangered species within this protected area are threatened.


To read more about this project, follow this link: Dugong Emergency Protection Project


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