WAZA Conservation Project of the Month- July

Date: 2014/07/01


SECORE Coral Reef Conservation-Coral Reef Conservation and Restoration in Guam


 In collaboration with the University of Guam (UOG) Marine Lab, Underwater World Guam, the Government of Guam, Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, SECORE started a multi-year coral conservation programme in Guam in 2013. The project focuses on restoring and protecting coral species of local concern. Additionally, field training workshops are hosted at the project location.




The UOG Marine Laboratory has a long record of coral reproduction research. In collaboration with universities of the Netherlands, Guam, Germany and Singapore, SECORE is conducting an over-regional research approach to develop new techniques for large-scale coral reef restoration. One project is carried out at the UOG Marine Laboratory and a corresponding project takes place in Curacao.


To read more about this project click here: SECORE Coral Reef Conservation


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