Alex Rübel Receives WAZA Highest Honour: Heini Hediger Award 2012

Date: 2012/10/12


Alex Rübel is a quintessinal selection for the Heini Hediger Award.


Not only did Alex know Hediger personally, he wrote and published a biography of the great zoo man while winning an Award for it.

Alex also has brought numerous innovative and dramatic projects to the Zürich Zoo and the zoo world, served the international zoo community and adhered as well as promoted the principles of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, WAZA. 

    Jörg Junhold (WAZA President) and Dr Alex Rübel, Director Zoo Zürich


Alex is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, having studied at the University of Zurich, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Subsequently he took up post graduate education in the USA and a P.G. course on Executive Development (IMD) in Lausanne. He worked in a variety of veterinary clinics before going for military duty. In 1980 before joining the Zürich Zoo as an Assistant Zoo Veterinarian, he worked at the University of Zürich Clinic for Zoo on both domestic and wild animals and was later the Assistant to Prof. Ewald Isenbugel. Having worked effectively in the Zürich Zoo, in 1991 Alex became Director after Dr. Peter Weilenmann.  Alex's mentor, Prof. Heini Hediger, passed away the following year, 1992 and in the same year Alex convinced Zoo Zürich to link its goals to the first World Zoo Conservation Strategy, a milestone in the history of the world's zoos and perhaps in the career of the young Director.

Between 1985 and the present Alex has held membership in a range of prestigious organizations, such as the Association of Avian Veterinarians and Chairman of the EAZA Veterinary and also the Membership and Ethics Committee.  He was active in WAZA serving as Council member from 1997-2003 and as President of WAZA from 2001-03.



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