Testimonials from the Zoo & Aquarium Community

"With many wildlife populations declining worldwide, it is more critical than ever for zoos and aquariums worldwide to work together toward conservation solutions, share knowledge about best animal care practices, and cooperate on scientifically managed animal populations. Lincoln Park Zoo is a proud member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), an organization who actively works to bring the global zoo community together so that we can ensure the best future for wildlife."


Kevin Bell, Director, Lincoln Park Zoo, USA



"WAZA, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, is the only internationally recognized and registered organization devoted to improving and advocating for the highest principles of animal care and conservation, for approximately 300 professionally operated zoological facilities in the world.   Without WAZA's oversight and guidance there would be a severe decline in the quality of care and conservation for much of the wildlife of the world, both in human care and in the wild.  WAZA staff and WAZA Council members are committed to advancing and upholding the most highest standards in terms of animal welfare and saving animals in the wild.


While there are many challenges with coordinating an international organization of zoo and aquariums, the worlds' wildlife would be even more endangered if it were not for the incredible awareness building programs (such as Biodiversity is US) and conservation fund raising of WAZA member institutions.  WAZA institutions educate and inspire over 700 million visitors annually and generate over $300 million a year for field conservation efforts.  WAZA's key to success are the partnerships and respect it has developed with other international conservation organizations and agencies.


I am proud to be an active WAZA Council member and support its critical mission of animal welfare and conservation.  There is no other organization of this kind in the world.  It has, in my opinion, the greatest potential for improving the quality of life for many wildlife species worldwide."


Rick Barongi, Executive Vice President of Conservation, Houston Zoo, Texas, USA



"Basel zoo is proud to have been a WAZA founder member (1935). WAZA allows zoos to exchange experiences and learn from each other, so that we can continuously improve the way we keep animals and how we pursue our goals in education, conservation and research.


WAZA members work together in the conservation of threatened animal species. WAZA is responsible for all international studbooks, which are the basis for successful and cooperative breeding programmes. They enable cooperation in population management between continents and especially the collaboration in Global Species Management Programmes.


As is widely recognised, in situ and ex situ conservation become more and more inextricably entwined and thanks to WAZA, we can join forces in ex situ conservation to develop and improve the captive breeding programmes for an ever growing number of endangered animals."


Olivier Pagan, Director, Basel Zoo, Switzerland



"EAZA believes that well-managed zoo and aquarium associations play a highly important role in the coordination of joint activities to promote positive species management and conservation. Cooperation and sharing of best practice amongst members of associations, such as WAZA, and the wider links enabled by them, mean that the zoo and aquarium community is able to continually develop and achieve much that individual institutions would not be able to accomplish on their own.


The continual improvement of zoos and aquariums is necessarily a work in progress, and a task carried out with diligence by organisations such as WAZA; as a result, calls by activists for WAZA to ensure that all zoos meet its high standards with immediate effect are not only unrealistic, but also undermine the process of engagement which is the best hope for continuous global improvement in animal welfare standards, ex-situ conservation and public education."


Myfanwy Griffith, Executive Director, European Association of Zoos and Aquaria