Sabrina Brando Named WAZA’s First Animal Welfare Coordinator

Date: 2017/08/14


WAZA confirmed its commitment to animal care and ethics with the appointment of Sabrina Brando as the first-ever WAZA Animal Welfare Coordinator.


The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) confirmed its commitment to animal care and ethics with the appointment of Sabrina Brando as the first-ever WAZA Animal Welfare Coordinator.

Brando will oversee programmes that emphasize research, enrichment, advocacy, and the well-being of animals throughout WAZA’s global network.

“We are extremely pleased to have someone as highly regarded throughout the animal care community as Sabrina Brando join our staff as WAZA’s first Animal Welfare Coordinator,” said WAZA Chief Executive Officer Doug Cress. “WAZA is dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards for the animals in the care of its member zoos and aquariums, and we believe Sabrina can help take us there.”

The WAZA Animal Welfare Strategy that was published in 2015 calls on zoos and aquariums to make an ongoing commitment to animal welfare in all operations and to all animals in their care. The Strategy recommends continued education and training of staff in animal welfare, and a commitment to animal welfare research, to applying animal welfare knowledge to exhibit design and to being leading centres for animal welfare.

Brando is the founder of AnimalConcepts, a Dutch animal welfare consulting group that has worked closely with zoos and aquariums around the world since 2004. She holds university degrees in psychology (2011) and animal studies (2016), and has published or co-authored more than a dozen articles and book chapters on animal welfare, enrichment, behavior, husbandry, and ethics.

Brando’s work has covered a wide variety of species and habitats, including a study of wild bottlenose dolphins in response to boat traffic in Portugal, a seat on the advisory council of the Barcelona Zoo’s master planning process, the development of an integrated animal training program at the Twycross Zoo, and collaborative animal welfare seminars with Chester Zoo and Copenhagen Zoo.

Brando has also been an invited speaker at conferences in Denmark, Spain, Cameroon, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Cambodia, The Netherlands, Israel, Russia, the United States, Congo, South Africa and the United Kingdom among others.

 “I am excited and inspired by this opportunity to join WAZA,” Brando said. “I believe that modern zoos and aquariums really do want to provide the best possible care for their animals, and together with our shared expertise we can provide training, resources, and research to achieve it. I am confident that together we can put the needs and preferences of the animals first in a way that enhances not only the animals lives, but the visitors’ experience, education activities and research efforts as well.”

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