Crane Expert to Deliver Keynote Address at WAZA Annual Conference in Bangkok

Date: 2018/10/16


One of the world’s foremost advocates for bird conservation to address WAZA Conference


One of the world's foremost advocates for bird conservation, Dr. George Archibald, will share stories of dedication to crane conservation as a keynote speaker at the upcoming 73rd World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) Annual Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.


Archibald has spent nearly five decades dedicated to conserving the world's 15 crane species and the wetland and grassland ecosystems on which they depend. In 1973, Archibald, helped establish the International Crane Foundation (ICF) as the world centre for the study and preservation of cranes.          


"Dr. George Archibald is a remarkable conservationist and his work on crane conservation has been critically important to the survival of the numerous crane species," said WAZA Chief Executive Officer, Doug Cress. "Dr. Archibald's unique crane diplomacy has united people from different cultures and countries   with the shared aim of preserving the environment for the survival of cranes."


Archibald's work has focused on the captive breeding, scientific study, and conservation of endangered cranes.  He has coordinated conservation efforts among remote and conflicted countries including North and South Korea, the former Soviet Union, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, China, Iran, South Africa, and 20 other African nations.  He is credited with building the world's largest and most complete collection of cranes and has pioneered several techniques to rear cranes in captivity, including the use of crane costumes. His pioneering breeding techniques allowed many rare crane species to reproduce in captivity for the first time.


Archibald logs his work through the ICF blog, "Travels with George."


Archibald has received four honorary doctorates and many awards for his conservation endeavours, including the Gold Medal from the World Wildlife Fund, a Fellows Award from the MacArthur Foundation, the Wildlife Conservation Medal from the Zoological Society of San Diego, the Lilly Medal presented by the Indianapolis Zoo, and the Douglas H. Pimlott Award from Nature Canada. In 1987, he was added to the UN's Global 500 Roll of Honour. In 2013, Archibald was awarded the Order of Canada on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, and received the inaugural Dan W. Lufkin Prize for Environmental Leadership from the National Audubon Society.


The 73rd WAZA Annual Conference will be held at the Avani Riverside Bangkok Hotel from 21-25 October 2018, under the theme "Wild at Heart," which will focus on topical issues of conservation, animal welfare and sustainable development among many more.


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