• Return of the Wild Horses

    Return of the Wild Horses

    A documentary by Prague Zoo showing their work and success for the reintroduction of the Przewalski's Horse.

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  • Dorcas Gazelle

    Dorcas Gazelle

    Reintroduction of Dorcas gazelle in Senegal

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  • Djibouti Conservation Project

    Djibouti Conservation Project

    A WAZA branded conservation project has been set up in Djibouti with a view of protecting habitat and native wildlife species, with a special focus on the endemic Djibouti francolin and antelope species such as the Beira antelope.

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  • Kicking Goals for Wildlife

    Kicking Goals for Wildlife

    In partnership with the Melako Community Conservancy, Zoos Victoria instituted an in situ conservation program endorsed by WAZA. The campaign "Kicking Goals for Wildlife" is aimed at providing an ecologically sustainable alternative to harming wildlife by warriors-soccer.

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  • WAZA Movie Trailer

    WAZA Movie Trailer

    Movie trailer of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums

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