Communicating Biodiversity: Demonstrating Leadership

 The 8th International Zoo and Aquarium Marketing Conference will be hosted by Bristol Zoo Gardens, in partnership with regional associations EAZA and BIAZA, from the 12th to the 14th of May 2014.


All information regarding the program, costs, call for papers, hotels etc... are available on the conference's website: click on the link below



The overall theme of this Conference is "Biodiversity: Leadership by Zoos and Aquariums" and 5 main topics will be developed:


1.       Communicating biodiversity through modern technologies: explore the impact and potential of social media and virtual reality technology for zoos and aquariums.


2.       Resourcing biodiversity conservation: delegates will be energised to open their minds to novel ways and concepts to deliver finance and attract a transforming visitor market, expanding into alternative market places and commercial ventures.


3.       Promoting "biodiversity-friendly" behavioural change - are the right biodiversity messages being received and understood? We explore multiple forms of communication as processes for delivering complex messages.


4.       Negative publicity damages biodiversity communication: bad zoos and aquariums do exist and incidents do occur at international zoos that trigger negative press and public debate on ethical issues.  We consider how these scenarios may be compassionately and appropriately managed.


5.       Leading biodiversity communication: are you structured to communicate biodiversity?


If you want to get involved in this program and you are interested  in giving a presentation please download the CALL FOR PAPERS FORM and send it back to WAZA Executive office ( by March 14th,  2014. 


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