Exhibit Curator Vacancy at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Date: 2018/10/02


The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, in the UAE is looking for an Exhibit Curator.



Job Purpose:


The job holder is responsible for the development of the Annual Curatorial plan which includes the acquisition, maintenance, management and monitoring of all live exhibits.  The delivery of this plan must ensure capital and operational expenditure is well planned and maintained within set limits. Manages a team of aquarists, divers and technical staff ensuring that the highest standards of live display and animal care is delivered and Dubai Aquarium remains a world class facility. Administers the diving programme, supervises and trains aquarium staff and contributes to the development of new exhibits and their promotion


Key Accountabilities:


Financial Management:

·       Plan and manage the annual curatorial budget to achieve agreed objectives and reduce costs without compromising animal care and display development.

·       Ensure that critical purchases are made to ensure the health of the collection making sure that the correct processes are followed

·       Liaise both internally and externally to ensure that costs are reduced without compromising on safety and quality standards

·       Monitor curatorial and technical spending weekly to ensure budget over runs are not encountered

·       Manages large aquarium-specific Capital expenditure projects and ensure timely and efficient completion


Operations Management:

·       Continually source animals to ensure displays have sufficient stocking levels.

·       Ensure permitting of all displays adheres to local and international requirements

·       Satisfactorily manage the Life Support system in conjunction with the technical teams to ensure optimal display conditions and risk mitigation

·       Ensure that animal quarantine and programmes of specimen acquisition align with the launch programme for new exhibits and the agreed marketing calendar

·       Taking the lead on display-related consultancy and development projects.

·       Monitor water quality appropriate to the needs of the collection.

·       Identification and management of disease through daily checks and veterinary programs including identification of new disease and development of appropriate remedial action plans

·       In collaboration with Procurement, source livestock, animal feed and display requirements to ensure world class exhibits are maintained

·       Attends team daily team briefings as required and conducts weekly curatorial meetings

·       Inspects first-hand daily the exhibits and quarantine areas and liaises with key staff to maintain knowledge of issues within the collection

·       Ensure full compliance with all Health and Safety requirements to ensure all staff and guests have a safe and comfortable experience

·       Design, development and review of nutritional programs

·       Ensures departmental operations are in line with best practice industry standards

·       Ensures that all areas of responsibility are reviewed and subjected to a process of continuous improvement.

·       Ensure that life support systems are adequate for maintaining the collection, and that water quality is maintained.

·       Liaise with industry professionals (i.e.: Veterinarian etc.) to ensure the health of the collection.



Staff Management:

·       Recruit, induct, train and manage staff appropriate to the maintenance of exhibit including the effective maintenance of aquarium-specific plant and equipment

·       Interviews and selects candidates alongside the relevant manager for key positions to ensure continuity of service delivery

·       Prioritizes and plan teams and own tasks to ensure completion within set timeframes and to an exceptional standard

·       Conducts formal and informal appraisals for direct reports within various teams

·       Ensure curatorial, dive and technical teams are trained in accordance with their specific tasks to ensure adherence to industry standards.

·       Coaches, mentors and advises key all staff in the daily duties as required and is proactive in the performance management of staff including the appraisal process



·       Leads and develops the curatorial, dive and technical teams to ensure clarity of riles and functions and delivery to expected standards

·       Attend and participate at scientific/peer meetings on appropriate topics and ensure communication to team members.

·       Behaves in line with code of conduct and models best-practice to staff

·       Communicate to the public at all levels including the media and within public forums as and when required and authorized



·       Submits weekly and monthly reports outlining key aquarium parameters (i.e.: Water Quality, Mortality, Acquisitions/Dispositions etc.) to the General Manager as required and report the same to Senior Management on key issues when required


Job Context:

The job holder will be responsible for the management of live exhibits, dive programs and aquarium specific maintenance activities with the support of the curatorial, dive and technical teams.

Ensure that the highest standards of animals care is maintained across all exhibits and that the aquarium-specific elements of the facility are well maintained and within acceptable standards for a world class aquarium


Qualifications, Experience & Skills:




  • Minimum Qualification in Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Science, Biology, Marine Biology or Marine Science OR equivalent experience and/or qualification.
  • Advance SCUBA certification from a recognized training agency required.




  • Minimum 4 years of experience in Aquarium Supervision or management
  • Experience working with terrestrial animals, birds, elasmobranchs and other aquatic animals
  • Experience working in multiple aquarium locations preferable
  • Life Support System experience




  • Computer skills required.
  • Good English Language skills required.
  • Valid Dubai driver’s license preferred.
  • Ability to integrate with the team to achieve results.
  • Ability to utilize available resources effectively.



 To apply: please send a CV and covering letter to emaarcareers@emaar.ae


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