Testimonials for WAZA Conservation Projects

Jim Thomas"The Tenkile Conservation Alliance has benefitted from its partnership with WAZA via increased networking, financial assistance in 2005 and the publishing of our story in the WAZA biodiversity book to better get across our message on the conservation of tree kangaroos."


Jim Thomas, Tenkile Conservation Alliance, Papua New Guinea


Josefina Aris "The WAZA brand added credibility to my research project on lowland tapirs, allowing me to apply to more organisations for funding. In addition, many zoos where I work have agreed to collaborate when I affirmed that WAZA has endorsed my study."


Josefina Aris, Lowland Tapir Research Project, Argentina


Carina Righi

"WAZA furthers all activities performed by Fundación Temaikèn, promoting conservation and sustainability in an area extremely rich in biodiversity. Today, thanks to the WAZA brand, Osununú Nature Reserve, its biological station and its education and conservation actions are known around the world."




Carina Righi, Fundación Temaikèn, Argentina


Jean Marie Pittman "In 2005, we received a WAZA grant to participate in a training course, the result of which was that Johannesburg Zoo became the forth facility in the world to successfully inseminate a wattled crane. Additionally, we have benefited from the WAZA brand through exposure on its website."


Jean Marie Pittman, Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa


Kate Meares"We are most grateful to WAZA for their faithful sponsorship. Without their funding, interest and belief, this conservation and research project on ground hornbills would not exist."




Kate Meares, Mabula Ground Hornbill Research & Conservation Project, South Africa


"Kerryn MorrisonBeing a WAZA-branded conservation project has increased the credibility and understanding of the importance of the African Crane Trade Project amongst the zoos around the world. We have also been able to increase awareness of the project through the WAZA News and its website."




Kerryn Morrison, African Crane Conservation Programme, South Africa


Jeffrey Mangel

"Pro Delphinus is proud to be able to say that we have a WAZA Conservation Project. The branding has helped raise international awareness of the marine otter and our project has benefited from the additional attention that has enhanced the project's status and led to new networking and funding opportunities."





Jeffrey Mangel, Pro Delphinus, Peru


"Being an apAndrew Dunnproved WAZA project is like being part of a large family. To help strengthen our efforts to protect the cross river gorilla, WAZA often send information about funding opportunities and have provided direct support to help our project to secure much-needed funds in 2009."


Andrew Dunn, Wildlife Conservation Society, Nigeria and Cameroon


Lisa Dabek

"It is very important for the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Programme, based at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, to be recognised by WAZA as a quality field conservation programme. The WAZA branding is extremely valuable as a tool for reaching out to zoo and aquarium communities across the globe. We are proud to be a WAZA-branded project."



Lisa Dabek, Tree Kangaroo Conservation Programme, Papua New Guinea


Peter Sampson

"The WAZA branding for the Amur leopard increased credibility and understanding for our breeding of big cats and increased vital support in assisting our project to secure much-needed funds. There is also increased awareness of the project through the WAZA website and the publishing of our commitments in the WAZA biodiversity book."





Peter Sampson, Wildlife Heritage Foundation and Paradise Wildlife Park, UK


Johannes Fritz

"WAZA branding of our northern bald ibis conservation project was supportive for our networking and raised international awareness of our activities, particularly in the zoo community, and by doing so supported our fundraising activities. Endorsement by WAZA became kind of a quality criterion." 

Johannes Fritz, Waldrappteam, Austria


Matt Hunt"For Free the Bears, being a WAZA-branded conservation project has brought benefits to our Indochina Bear Conservation and Rescue Programme. Being a WAZA Conservation Project has opened doors to enable us to form new partnerships with zoos around the world, including regions we had previously not worked in before."

Matt Hunt, Free the Bears, Cambodia


Luis Jacome"WAZA is our portal to the world. With its support, being a WAZA-branded conservation project, the Andean Condor Conservation Project can share experiences with the international community of zoos and aquariums."


Luis Jácome, Andean Condor Conservation Project, Argentina