Progetto Grifone

To ensure a future for the population of griffon vultures present in Italy


The conservation concern that triggered the project is the recent (20th century) decrease of vulture populations and other predatory birds in south-eastern Europe, due to human threats and the use of poison in the fight against large predatory mammals whose carcasses are eaten by vultures and other scavengers.


Progetto Grifone has several objectives. The main scope is to ensure a future for the population of griffon vultures present in the Italian Alps, by reducing the mortality and enforcing the summering individuals to stay in safe areas with enough food and without risks. Moreover, another aim is the establishment of a sedentary nesting colony in the Nature Reserve of Lago di Cornino. On top of that, the project has also some objectives related to the promotion of public awareness and the sustainable fruition of this area by eco-tourists.


The initial phase of the project, characterised by some losses and removals to other areas, was definitely the most difficult. The subsequent adhesion to the site by some individuals has been a strong incentive to remain in this area for those released in subsequent years, which have quickly joined the colony leading to its continuous increase. Other individuals moved away allowing an exchange between different geographical areas and, therefore, a greater chance of success and growth for small colonies that are currently present in the Alps and other areas (Austria, France and the Netherlands).


WAZA Conservation Project 12010 is implemented by the Association of the Municipalities of Forgaria nel Friuli and Trasaghi, with support provided by Parco Natura Viva. Other stakeholders involved in the project include the Nature Reserve of Lago di Cornino and National Park Hohe Tauern.




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