Omo Forest Conservation Project

To ensure the survival of the Omo Forest ecosystem in Nigeria


The Omo Forest Reserve within Ogun State, Nigeria, is of great conservation value with 200 species of tree, 125 species of bird and many mammal species including forest elephant, chimpanzee and white-throated guenon monkeys, all of which are seriously endangered. The Nigerian Forest Elephant Group (NFEG) was established in 1989 in order to protect the 1300 km² Omo Forest Reserve and work towards its long-term conservation. Paignton Zoo Environmental Park began supporting the NFEG in 1993 and has been involved with the programme ever since, although management of the programme was officially handed over to the Nigerian Conservation Foundation in 2006.

With logging, poaching and uncontrolled farming threatening the biodiversity in the Omo Forest Reserve, the conservation goal of the project is to ensure the survival of the Omo Forest ecosystem by education in schools and raising conservation awareness amongst the local community. Also, general practical conservation activities are supported.


WAZA Conservation Project 10025 is implemented by the Omo-Oluwa-Shasha Forest Conservation Project, with support provided by Paington Zoo Environmental Park. Other stakeholders involved in the project include the Nigerian Conservation Foundation and ProNatura International (Nigeria).




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    Omo Forest Conservation

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