Giraffe Conservation Foundation

To protect and secure populations of all giraffes throughout Africa


The Giraffe Conservation Foundation's vision is that of a sustainable future where all giraffe populations and (sub)species are protected and secure in the wild.


The Giraffe Conservation Foundation's mission is to:


  • Promote the importance and profile of giraffe conservation on the international stage.
  • Secure viable, and protect existing, habitat for giraffe and other wildlife.
  • Support dedicated and innovative research to better understand giraffe ecology, conservation and management.
  • Establish the current status of all giraffe populations and (sub)species to support and inform their conservation and management.
  • Identify key threats to giraffe and innovative ways to mitigate these.
  • Develop a world class network of individuals and organisations dedicated to securing the future of giraffe.
  • Provide a platform and forum for giraffe related research, conservation and management discussion.
  • Increase awareness about the plight of giraffe.
  • Promote and support giraffe conservation initiatives and work collaboratively with local communities to develop a sustainable future for both people and wildlife.
  • Establish the Giraffe Conservation Foundation as the key focal organisation for giraffe conservation and management.
  • Maintain a close working relationship with the International Giraffe Working Group to provide comprehensive educational and technical support.
  • To be the leading international organisation for giraffe conservation and management.


WAZA Conservation Project 11004 is implemented by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, with support provided by Blank Park Zoo, Chester Zoo and Denver Zoo. Other stakeholders involved in the project include the IUCN/SSC ASG International Giraffe Working Group, Namibia Nature Foundation, Soysambu Conservancy and Zambian Carnivore Programme.




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