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In the years 2000/2001, WAZA organised three in situ conservation workshops searching for a strategy on how WAZA should become more involved in in situ conservation. One recommendation was that WAZA (with the goal of becoming an internationally recognised conservation organisation) should brand suitable conservation projects. The idea behind the WAZA branding is to create a win-win situation: the brand promotes the project, and the brand allows WAZA to use the project to convey what zoos and aquariums do for conservation globally.


Projects (or programmes) are branded on application, with three sets of endorsement criteria, focusing on biological, operational, and institutional and partnership issues. Applications have to meet the criteria set forth by the WAZA Executive Office. Applications may be submitted by either the project receiving support from member(s) of WAZA or a WAZA member providing support to the project. Since inception of the scheme in 2003, the number of WAZA-branded projects has steadily increased to currently 269.


Getting the WAZA brand implies:


  • Branded projects remain fully independent and WAZA in no way interferes with the implementation of the project.
  • Branded projects may use the "Partner of WAZA" label in their publications, on their website, etc.
  • A short article about the branded project is published in the WAZA News, with the possibility for a longer article in the WAZA Magazine.
  • Branded projects receive the WAZA News and the WAZA Magazine.
  • Branded projects may give a presentation at the WAZA Annual Conference.
  • A project description is published on the WAZA website. WAZA provides a link to the branded project's website and expects the project to do the same reciprocally.
  • WAZA looks into the possibility of financially supporting branded projects through fundraising initiatives.
  • Branded projects are expected to annually submit a short progress report (incl. evaluation) to WAZA.


Please contact us for further information and/or to obtain an application form.

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