ISIS/WAZA Studbook Library

The 2011 ISIS/WAZA Studbook Library DVD comprises 1,540 studbooks, including 1,350 regional and 190 international studbooks, plus 292 husbandry manuals and nearly 2,800 other documents. This is a significant fraction of the approximately 1,800 assigned studbooks and represents 99% of published studbooks. In total, 1,145 studbook keepers from 473 institutions in 66 countries have contributed their work.


In addition to making studbook data readily accessible to zoological institutions, which reduces the costs of studbook data distribution and provides insurance against loss of studbook data, the information gathered for this project helps to maintain data quality within the Species360 (formerly the International Species Information System) database. Species360 automatically compares key facts in the submitted studbooks to data for the same animal submitted to Species360 by member institutions. The results of this comparison are shown in the members' area of the Species360 website. Some regions have worked hard on cleaning up the discrepancies reported in these data. They found that most of the differences reported have been accidental data entry errors, distributed almost evenly between the studbooks and the institutional records data sources.


Species360 wants to thank all those who contributed the results of their hard work as well as the studbook-endorsing zoo associations for their cooperation. Thanks also to former Species360 staff member Laurie Bingaman Lackey, who collected and processed the studbooks and related information. Species360 is grateful to WAZA for continuing to co-sponsor this project.


Species360 welcomes submission of new studbook data at any time. Please notify Species360 ( of any changes in studbook keepers or contact information, so that the master list of studbooks can be maintained.


WAZA members can get a free copy of the 2011 ISIS/WAZA Studbook Library DVD from the WAZA Executive Office.

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