ISB Resource Manual

At the 65th WAZA Annual Conference on 18 October 2010 in Cologne (Germany), the Committee for Population Management adopted a Resource Manual for International Studbook Keepers (250 KB), with modifications approved on 14 November 2011 and 28 November 2012.


This document clarifies the issues of application for a new studbook, initial studbook data gathering, studbook data compilation, studbook data validation, creating a studbook document, studbook distribution and reporting, changes of studbook keeper and/or institution, discontinuing a studbook, studbook complaint and dispute resolution, and studbook data stewardship.


This document thus makes essential reading for all current and prospective international studbook keepers. In addition, the Studbook Training and Mentoring Guidelines (200 KB) aim to empower all regions to take on responsibility in studbook keeping.

  • ISB Resource Manual